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Never adjust your music again.

Tempo provides adaptive audio for your iOS device, allowing you to listen safer and more conveniently than ever before.
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Tempo is running providing adaptive audio for this iPhone. Tempo is adjusting the volume to 35% and the iPhone is moving at 0 miles per hour. (MPH)

How Tempo Works

See how the magic happens.

1. Play some music

Open your favorite audio app and press play. Tempo works with nearly any app.

2. Open Tempo

Open Tempo and select your mode. Modes can be fully configured inside Tempo.

3. Press Go

Press the "GO" button and put your device away. Tempo can handle it from here.

The Tempo iPhone app is open and set to Bike Mode. Once the user presses GO Tempo will begin to provide adaptive audio for any apps playing sound.

Commute Safer. Listen Easier.

Whether Tempo is adjusting the volume so you can listen for cars or adjusting your music for a conversation, Tempo is here to make music convenient and safe on the go.

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Check out what Tempo can do!

The Tempo iPhone app is open and showing the mode editor. This allows users to define custom adaptive audio profiles.

Compatible with Your Music

Tempo works with Apple MusicĀ®, iTunesĀ® content, almost every other audio app for iOS.

Mode Builder

Use the Tempo mode builder to design the perfect settings for any ocasion. So if you are longboarding, biking, running or doing just about anything, Tempo can handle the music.

Privacy First

Tempo never saves or sends any user activity data. Your private data should stay that way, private.

Quick Launch

Tempo includes a widget that lists your modes. Tap any mode to instantly start Tempo.

Tempo + WatchOS

Tempo also includes an Apple Watch companion app. The WatchOS app can start/stop Tempo and even change modes.

Easy Off

Tempo can place a notifcation on your lock screen when in use. Tap it once to turn off Tempo quickly.

Geo Cords

See your exact satalite location right from the app. This includes longitude, latitude and altitude.

Ski Mode

Tempo can detect when you are riding a ski lift and adjust your music acordingly.

The Tempo iPhone app is open and is showing the mode selection screen.

Download Tempo

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